Logo Ensemble Ultreia

Ensemble Ultreia is a musical pilgrimage beyond the boundaries of tradition. Ultreia is the word of encouragement that pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago say to each other on the long journey towards their spiritual destination. It means “go further, go beyond!” as an ensemble, we are united by this concept.

We are a professional chamber orchestra of deeply musical, young players from across the world based in Vienna. We all passionately believe that the “chamber music spirit” allows for the most intimate level of communication between the members of our ensemble as well as with our audiences. We dare to go beyond routine, instead allowing each individual in the ensemble to have their own brilliant, clear and personal voice in the search for a harmonious connection.

Our concerts involve audiences in new, unprecedented ways: we combine various art forms and media imaginatively and explore new possibilities of orchestral playing in order to deepen our perception of music and to make it more accessible to our public. We play for audiences of all social standings and are committed to bringing our music to those with fewer opportunities of hearing it.